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Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Studies


Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, address: Nowy Świat 72, 00-330 Warsaw, phone numnber: 22 826-71-81, 22 828-32-03, email:  secretar@ifispan.edu.pl;

Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Institute of Philosophy of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University,  Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej Place 4, 20-031 Lublin; phone number: 81 537 54 81, email: instfil@bacon.umcs.lublin.pl 

Frequency: annual

Thematic scope

The thematic scope of the journal includes all the philosophical problems which are related to science, i.e.
— philosophical problems which adopt results of science as objectives of analyses, sources of information or inspirations;
— epistemology and methodology;
— philosophical schools which identify themselves as science;
— investigations of relations between science and lifewords, social reality and culture.


Apart from purely philosohpical texts, we also publish essays in which philosophical threads are connected with typically scientific ones. This intention reveals the fuziness of the boundaries between science and philosophy.

The diversity of philosophical programmes

No metaphilosophical limitations are established. The journal is not a forum of only one philosophical school. The journal accepts and promotes the diversity of philosophical programmes as well as connections between various philosophical schools and their interpenetrations.

Publication ethics and publication malpractice statement

All parties involved in the act of publishing the journal PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE. Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Studies (its authors, journal editors, peer reviewers and publishers) agree upon standards of ethical publishing behavior. The journal publishing standards are consistent with the COPE Principles of Transparency and Best Practice Guidelines and the COPE Code of Conduct as well as the Best Practice of Reviewing Procedures in Science (in Polish) issued by Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland. 

The Editors and the Publishers of the journal aim  to meet and uphold these standards and take all possible measures against publication malpractices.

Specific publishing principles adopted in the journal can be found here:

1) concerning peer-reviewing please see: https://filozofiainauka.studiafilozoficzne.edu.pl/en/reviewing/;

2) concerning rights and obligations of authors, editors, reviewers, and, in general, all the parties participating in publishing process, please see: https://filozofiainauka.studiafilozoficzne.edu.pl/en/information-for-authors/;

3) concerning copyrights which are friendly for authors and academic community, please see: https://filozofiainauka.studiafilozoficzne.edu.pl/en/information-for-authors/​

Diamond open access 

PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE. Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Studies (Polish: Filozofia i Nauka. Studia filozoficzne i interdycsyplinarne, abbrev. FiN) is an open access journal free of charge for readers and authors.

The journal is published in electronic format on the journal platform: https://filozofiainauka.studiafilozoficzne.edu.pl/en/category/tables-of-contents-and-articles/ and in printed format.

The journal is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 (CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0) International License which permits others to copy or share the articles and other contents published in the journal, provided original work is properly cited and that this is not done for commercial purposes. Users may not remix, transform, or build upon the material and may not distribute the modified material. 

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  Editorial office: Address: Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences,
room 104, Nowy Świat 72, 00-330 Warsaw, Poland; mobile phone:  +48 603 160 505;

Emails: filozofiainauka@ifispan.waw.pl; mczarnoc@ifispan.waw.pl ; andrzej.m.lukasik@gmail.com




Website: www.filozofiainauka.ifispan.waw.pl

Publishers: see their addresses, phone numbers and emails on the top of this page


All the texts published in the journal are freely accessible on this journal website, on the EBSCO platform, and PAN Czytelnia Czasopism. The metadata of all the published papers are shared by CEJSH and DOAJ.