Spis treści 10/zs/2022

Studia filozoficzne i interdyscyplinarne
Tom 10, zeszyt specjalny, 2022



Guest-editor: Piotr Bołtuć




I. Philosophy Shaped by AI or AGI 

Mark Burgin, Rao Mikkilineni Seven Layers of Computation: Methodological Analysis and Mathematical Modeling 

Piotr (Peter) Bołtuć — Non-ReductivePhysicalism for AGI

Kyrtin Atreides — Philosophy 2.0: Applying Collective Intelligence Systems and Iterative Degrees of Scientific Validation

Jeffrey White — On a Possible Basis for Metaphysical Self-development in Natural and Artificial Systems 

Eduardo Camargo, Ricardo Gudwin — From Signals to Knowledge and from Knowledge to Action: Peircean Semiotics and the Grounding of Cognition 


II. Virtual Space 

Mariusz Mazurek — The Problem of Existence of Virtual Objects from the Philosophical Perspective

Bogdan Popoveniuc — Personal and Moral Identity in the 4th Space 

Christoph M. Abels, Daniel Hardegger — Privacy and Transparency in the 4th Space: Implications for Conspiracy Theories 

Dustin Gray Modern Forms of Surveillance and Control 


III. Epistemology and Computers 

Magnus Johnsson — Perception, Imagery, Memory and Consciousness 

Rafał Maciąg — Towards the Pragmatic Concept of Knowledges 

Pavel N. Baryshnikov — Extension of Critical Programs of the Computational Theory of Mind 

Robin K. Hill — A Caution against the Artificialistic Fallacy 

Simon X. Duan — Platonic Computer— the Universal Machine That Bridges the “Inverse Explanatory Gap” in the Philosophy of Mind 

Marcin Rabiza — Dual-Process Approach to the Problem of Artificial Intelligence Agency Perception